For anyone that colors their hair on a regular basis, one of the most asked questions they ask themselves is “how often should I color my hair?”. This is often asked for a good reason. There are many considerations that go into this decision. Here we touch on some of the more important aspects of hair color timing and how it may apply to you!

Personal Hair Style

For many of us, a little “regrowth” does not bother us. As a matter of fact, we may even be looking for that as part of our “look”. However, many color clients want that fresh out of the salon look at all times! In either case, the timing of your hair color will help you achieve either look you desire! You may want to reschedule every six weeks or as much as every 12 weeks depending on your personal style.

Hair Health

Depending on the health of your hair, you may not be a good candidate for regular hair colors at a shortened interval. Your hair may require more time in between treatments to maintain its optimal health. This is another reason why using an experienced hair stylist in Boise is so important. Buying a “box color” off the grocery store or drugstore shelf is certainly easier and cheaper than a salon visit, but how does this impact your hair? An experienced stylist knows when your hair is not ready for color! They will help you decide when to undergo the next chemical treatment and which products are best for your hair. Getting the color you want is not worth losing your hair!


Salon hair color can be a significant investment depending on the length of your hair, the product line your stylist uses, the time between treatments, and the health of your hair, just to name a few reasons. Most people do not have unlimited budgets and therefore must consider their budget when planning their salon visits. If you are looking for that continuously “freshly colored” look, then you will need to plan more visits per year with less time in between. This is obviously more of an investment than allowing for some regrowth. If your hair has been previously damaged by other treatments, then you will require more time from your stylist to ensure your hair remains healthy. This also adds to the cost of each visit.

Consult a Hair Color Expert in Boise

Regardless of how often you color your hair, be sure to use a professional hair stylist. By consulting a hair color expert in Boise, you guarantee to get professional advice that has your best interest at heart. Pro hair stylists understand their success is based on long-term relationships with their clients. Before a long-term relationship can develop, a client must understand their stylist is looking out for their best interest! If you feel like your stylist is constantly working to “up sell” you on products and services, they may not be working for you!