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Knowing the type of hair, you have is an important part in getting the most out of it! Textured hair contains beautiful curls, waves, spirals and more, creating shape unlike untextured hair. Those that enjoy the natural texture know that taking care of your hair can be tricky. It takes an expert in textured hair to give you the look you want. Natasha Reid is Boise’s textured hair authority!

Textured Hair Creates Shape and Dimension

The textured feature that creates the shape and dimension comes from the fact that the hair strand is not naturally straight. While that seems obvious, the natural bends and curves in the shaft give different people different looks. It is taking what nature has given you and creating the perfect look is what sets Natasha apart. Her years of experience working with textured hair means she has likely done exactly what you are looking for at some point in her career.

Which Type of Hair Do You Have?

There are three basic types of naturally textured hair. These include:

Wavy Hair

This hair type tends to fall between straight hair and curly hair. Some people with wavy hair can easily transition between straight hair and curly hair while others with wavy hair cannot. This depends on the person’s hair and how resistant it is to styling techniques and products.

Curly Hair

Commonly seen as voluminous, curly hair can look like the letter “s” in its presentation. This hair type is also at the mercy of the environment in many cases (humidity can cause frizzing issues) and requires consistent maintenance to keep the natural curls looking their best.

Kinky Hair (sometimes called Kinky Curly)

Features very tight coils and are dense in nature. Kinky hair can be fragile and easily damaged if not handled correctly.

Textured Hair Services

  • Relaxer straightening to create straight hair that is well-conditioned and healthy.
  • Permanent waving to create curls, volume, and texture.
  • Full and partial highlights to create unique and fun looks.
  • Expert balayage to create that perfect sun kissed “beachy” look.
  • Haircuts and styles!

Also, keep in mind that protective styles are an important element in keeping textured hair strong and healthy. Using braids, adding extensions, and using wigs are great ways to protect your hair between cuts and other treatment types.

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If you have textured hair and are looking for a new stylist, trust Natasha Reid! Natasha is the textured hair expert in Boise. As a platform artist and former educator, Natasha has the background you can depend on to get the most out of your investment. Treat yourself and your hair by calling for an appointment today.