Boise’s Best Highlights

Highlights are a popular way to modernize your look! Highlights have been trending so long that the word “trend” may not be appropriate. They are here to stay. The reason why is simple…they look great and are easier to maintain than an all over color. Why choose highlights over other popular techniques? Here are a few of the more significant reasons to choose highlights!

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Ease of Care

Root regrowth is much more evident in all over hair color applications than in highlights. Regrowth in highlighted hair is subtle and does not advertise to the world that “it’s time to color my hair again” as it does in all over colors. A great highlight application will extend your next salon visit by weeks in most cases. Let’s be honest, we have all seen people that have extensive regrowth, and it never looks good.

Safer for Your Hair

Chemically treating your hair can be detrimental. The less chemicals you apply, the better it is for your hair’s health. Highlighting uses less product, therefore is a healthier way to enhance your overall look. Plus, as we mentioned before, you spend less time getting your hair treated, so not only are you using less product, but you are also using it less often. It is easy to see why highlights are more conducive to hair health.

Easily Blends with Grays

One of the sad facts of growing older is dealing with graying hair. Highlights help hide gray because they tend to blend easily with the strips of highlighted hair. Highlights mask the lines between gray and regrowth because of the dimension created by the technique.

Highlights Add Depth

Like other color techniques, highlights help create depth and dimension in your hair. Other ways to do this are using lowlights and balayage techniques. Each of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Adding depth gives your hair the illusion of more volume. It also brings out any existing texture you have as the differences in color will make them easier to see.

What Do You Do Now?

If you think highlights are a good choice for you, it is time to consult a Boise hair stylist that can help you achieve that look. It is important to view their past work, as well as review their reviews and testimonials. Current and previous clients are a great way to determine if this is the right stylist for you!

Choose Boise’s Best Highlights

When you book with Natasha Reid you can be sure of a few things: you will have an experienced stylist, she will be honest with you during your consultation, and she will give you the look you hope to achieve.

Natasha is Master Stylist and former educator and platform artist. Highlights are one of her specialties. You can see her work in numerous publications including Riviera Magazine, 944 Magazine, Virtuogenix Magazine, Ellements Magazine and San Diego Home and Garden Magazine.

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