Lowlights in Boise

Lowlights are not as easily understood by the public as highlights. Most people know that highlights are used to give a sun-kissed “beachy” feel to your hair. In contrast, lowlights are used to create depth and dimension in one’s hair. Lowlights can also be mixed with highlight (if you have the right stylist) to create a look like no other!

How are Lowlights Applied?

Lowlights are added by using a shade that is darker than your natural color. The pieces of hair are isolated with foils to keep the color exactly where the stylist wants it to be. Some stylists choose to use more of a modern balayage technique to apply the color. This means the stylist will apply the color by hand giving them more control over the blending and shading of the darker colors. Much of the success in a beautiful lowlight color application falls to the stylist’s experience and eye for placement. Natasha Reid in downtown Boise is an expert in lowlight application!

Beautiful Red
Cool Brown

Who is Best Suited for Lowlights?

Clients that are looking to add depth and dimension are perfect for lowlight applications. Lowlights also help hair look thicker, so anyone that feels their hair is thinner than they would like it may be a good candidate as well. People with naturally darker hair are typically not best suited for lowlights. This is because the process adds darker elements to create the look, which can be difficult for those with naturally dark hair. Therefore, anyone with blonde or light brown hair tend to see the best outcomes.

Picking the Right Stylist

Like most any service, it is important to find the right stylist. Simply having a cosmetology license does not mean you understand how and where to apply lowlights. It is important to review their prior work and read reviews left by previous clients. Natasha’s background includes years as a platform artist and educator. What does this mean to you? It means she has been recognized for her skills and experience. She has also been credited in multiple including, Riviera Magazine, 944 Magazine, Virtuogenix Magazine, Ellements Magazine and San Diego Home and Garden Magazine.

Schedule a Lowlight Consultation Today

Before anyone applies color to your hair be sure to schedule a consultation with Natasha! Taking the time to speak with an experienced stylist will make all the difference in the outcome of your color application. This is particularly true with lowlights since they are not ideal for everyone. Natasha Reid is an expert in lowlight application in Boise.