Beautiful Hair Color in Boise

Beautifully and professionally colored hair does more than change our look, it changes our perspective. It makes a bad day good and a good day great! Choosing your stylist is just as important as choosing your new color. Going with the wrong color professional could lead to less than stellar results. When it comes to hair color, not all stylists are created equal!

Natasha Reid is an expert in coloring all types of hair. From simple, but beautiful all-over color changes to edgier looks and more modern techniques. You can trust Natasha to get you the look you have always wanted.

Not sure what you want? That is ok…we will discuss your options during your consultation. Only then will we be ready to make a change!

Beautiful blonde
Cool Brown

Here are just some of the color styles that you can choose from when working with Natasha Reid:

Single process

Whether you are looking for a complete color change or simple highlights, single process services are done in a single step without the need for further work being done to your hair to achieve the look you want.

Double process

Two services performed during a single service, double processes require more time and typically involve lightening or toning the hair in addition to making color changes.


A process where the stylist decides where and how to apply the highlight “free hand” to give the client that best look possible in the opinion of the stylist. There is a lot of variation to how one stylist will apply this process to how others may do it. The difference is experience and the artist’s ability to understand what the client wants.

Hair painting

Like Balayage, the application process and finished look will determine whether traditional hair painting or Balayage is the right process.


Quite common hair color service that involves bringing out the lighter, natural tones in one’s hair. The client is typically looking for an overall “lighter” look.


Using darker colors to introduce more contrast with the existing lighter color hair.  The typical goal is to add overall dimension to the guest’s hair.

What happens when a color application does not go well? That is when it is time to visit Natasha for a color correction. Color correction techniques vary depending on the problem you need to overcome. For example, a bad “box color” may only be able to go darker depending on your natural hair color and the store-bought color you used. This service requires an in-person visit to accurately plan the correction treatment.

Trust an Experienced Boise Hair Color Expert

The best way to ensure you get the hair you want each time you make a color change is to book an appointment with an expert on hair color in Boise. Natasha Reid’s experience and background means you get what you want…beautiful, healthy hair in the color you want!