Hair Painting in Boise

Hair painting is an artistic style of coloring hair that has become a huge trend. This technique allows the hairdresser to paint the hair freely without foils, selecting pieces as needed for the overall look rather than sections for foils. The hair can be separated during this process to illuminate dye transfer.

Hair painting illuminates the patterning that comes with traditional hair highlighting and allows sections to be chosen that should be lightened for a more natural look. Hair painting requires a specially trained stylist who has a great eye for color and balance.

Hair painting creates a softer more natural look and illuminates the section’s look that comes with highlighting hair. Hair painting is generally faster than traditional highlights as well.

Beautiful blonde
Beautiful Red
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Hair painting vs highlights

Traditional highlights utilize wraps and foils to create sections of hair to be altered. This process lightens the hair from the roots to the tips. The sectioning and placement looks much more precise than hair painting but can look chunky and unnatural if not done carefully. Highlights require frequent touch ups. Hair painting creates a more natural look, with less product, and more time between appointments. Many people have found that hair painting is a great way for them to add dimension to their hair that looks natural. Hairdressers often shoot for a color that resembles the color your hair was as a child. The combination of natural colors and soft lines helps to make hair painting look very natural.


Balayage is a style of hair painting which mimics sun kissed or naturally lightened hair but can be customized to your specific hair color and style. Balayage is soft, without harsh lines and allows for regrowth without looking undone. Many people love the low maintenance look that balayage hair painting gives them. The word balayage comes from the French language and means “to sweep”, referring to how the color and lightening agent are applied to the hair. The freestyle application requires much less product and is kinder to your hair. It also creates a better blended and more natural look.


Foilyage is another hair painting technique that is similar to balayage and utilizes foils with the hair painting technique. The hair is painted and then wrapped so it can be placed under a dryer to help the color penetrate deeper. Foilyage gives a bolder lifting effect for highlights, allowing hair to be lightened more than traditional balayage. While this method allows for bolder color changes it still is lower maintenance. Foilyage and balayage both avoid the lines that come from traditional highlights which allows them to grow out more naturally.

Hair painting doesn’t have to give you sun kissed locks. It can also be a way to add fun colors. Mermaid and unicorn hair coloring are some of the fun hair painting combos that hair stylists have come up with recently. You can even create a tie dye look with hair painting. Many people with funky two tones colors like red/orange blue/green or any combination of shades have used a hair painting technique. The color combinations are endless with hair painting. You are only limited by your imagination and your stylists’ skills.

Find a Boise Hair Painting Expert

Hair painting is a great way to add color and dimension to your hair without committing to routine appointments. The right hairdresser can turn highlighting your hair into an artistic masterpiece. Training is required to master these techniques. If you are curious about hair painting we would love to talk to you about how it would work with your hair color and cut. Natasha Reid is Boise’s Hair Painting expert can work on all lengths of hair.