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What is a Balayage?

Balayage is a color technique, rather than a specific color itself. The word’s origin is French, meaning to sweep or paint. The technique relies solely on the professional wielding the brush. Just as an artist paints on a canvas so does your professional hair stylist create dimensions throughout. This painting method gives your stylist a more artistic, freehand method that allows them to use what they have learned from you during your consultation and create the look you have in mind. This form of application results in a perfectly soft, natural looking gradient that so many of us desire.

A beautiful balayage is typically “sun kissed” hair that is lighter around the face and on the ends with a soft, blended root. But there are many methods in which you can reach this beach vacation look! Some professionals opt to do things free handed while others use foils, cotton or even plastic wrap.  Whichever process your stylist chooses, the technique will create a softer grow-in, with less-harsh lines of indication as your hair grows between visits.

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One can expect a balayage appointment to take anywhere from 3-5 hours. During your consultation, Natasha will evaluate your current hair health and condition, discuss your goals, and give you a more specific idea on how long to expect in the chair.


The benefits of balayage allows the stylist to specifically select strands and blend them with your natural base. This helps create a much softer look rather than traditional foil highlights or a low maintenance painting technique. If the stylist uses a no foil method the product is less-likely to bleed during application when applying bleach onto the hair. In comparison, when using foils stylists must ensure there is enough room away from the scalp, because once heat is applied it causes the application to swell and expand toward the roots. That swelling can cause the product to bleed further on to the roots. The balayage is less damaging to the hair and doesn’t involve saturating your entire head with bleach. You use less product and thus get that sun kissed beach look with significantly less damage to your hair. Anytime bleach is applied to the hair follicles it changes it and causes damage.


Balayage is not without its drawbacks. Sometimes people with very dark hair can pull red/orange warm tones when getting balayage. If a client is wanting to achieve the beach blonde or even lighter strain that are not brassy they must keep in mind that if their hair is dark or has been box dyed they may have to have more then one appointment to achieve the look they are wanting to create.

Trust an Experienced Boise Balayage Expert

If you are considering this technique, consult a balayage expert in Boise before you begin any application. Bring plenty of inspiration photos of what you have in mind for your hair. If you are doing a pre-appointment consultation, come with clean hair, wearing it as you normally do on a daily basis. This helps the stylist see how you will likely be wearing your hair once it is done. Finally, always pre book your next appointment so that you don’t become frustrated as your hair grows out. It is important to maintain this look to get the most out of your balayage.