Balayage has grown in popularity over the last few years but some people still are unsure on what balayage means. Balayage is a hair painting technique that gives the look of highlights without the foiling.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or to paint which comes from the technique in which dye is applied when doing balayage. Balayage is painted onto the hair using an artistic touch that helps to eliminate re-growth lines, it does not have the same harsh edges that traditional highlights do. Balayage is done freehand which gives it soft lines with great coverage and allows it to grow out without looking undone. Balayage is lower maintenance than other hair coloring options. Foiling and highlighting cannot target specific strands of hair which can lead to a “chunky” look. Balayage blends more naturally.Many people find balayage to be a more subtle look.

Balayage vs Ombré

Balayage and ombré are not the same style of hair dye. Both have a low maintenance appeal and a gradual look but they are very different. Balayage is the technique that we are talking about, ombré is a style of hair color versus an application technique. Balayage is a whole head multi-tonal look while ombré is a color graduation that goes across the hair horizontally. Balayage offers a much softer look and gives the hair the depth of color many clients are looking for. Ombré does offer a gradual transition and color but the transition from the roots to the tips can be very dramatic.

How do I know if it is right for me?

Many clients choose balayage because they do not want the upkeep of traditional highlights. Balayage is low maintenance and does not require as many salon visits. Balayage works great for nearly any hair type, hair color, and skin tone. The ability for balayage to grow out without being very noticeable is one of its biggest appeals. Many clients with busy schedules that do not allow them to dye their hair every 4-6 weeks also choose this method.

Hair length considerations

Oftentimes hairstyles are shown on medium to long hair and short haired people are curious how they will work for them. Balayage is great for short hair too. Balayage can be done to nearly any existing haircut or color and adjusted for that specific client’s needs. Balayage can add dimension to many short styles.

Biggest benefits

Balayage hair painting technique is kinder to hair because it is not saturated with chemicals that can be very damaging. While Balayage is kinder that does not mean no chemicals are used, and care should be used when curling and styling treated hair. The time between visits is also a benefit because it means less product is used on your hair over the course of a year. Healthy hair is a huge benefit for many clients!

Hairstylists love that hair painting allows them to give each client a more unique finished product. The strands are hand painted the exact color they stylist is looking for. Leaving out chunky streaks and harsh color variants. Trust your hair, and your balayage, to a stylist experienced in hair painting techniques!