Highlights make for a beautiful “sun kissed” look that can be difficult to create naturally. Stylists can create that natural look by applying color to the right places in the right amounts. It is a challenge because you are attempting to create something that is normally a natural part of life…the lightening of your hair in certain spots from being outdoors in the sun! When you can’t make it outside, it is best to find an experienced expert in highlights and let them take over. You have choices however in how much you highlight…here are a few!

Full Highlights

As the name might suggest, full highlights are just that…highlights throughout your entire head, using color to lighten portions of every section. This can be a very dramatic look depending on how your stylist applies the product. Highlights can be thick and chunky or more subtle. It is up to you! A distinct advantage to full highlights is the confidence you get from knowing your hair looks the same throughout. No matter how you wear your hair, your highlights will shine! Partial highlights can expose areas not treated depending on how you wear your hair. Full highlights are similar to a balayage look but differ in the application process.

Full highlights can be time consuming and more expensive than other options like partial highlights or baby lights.

Partial Highlights

When done correctly, partial highlights can do much the same as full highlights without causing as much damage to your hair. Remember, anytime that you apply chemicals to your hair, there is abrown hair balayage boise certain amount of damage that is done. A professional stylist knows how much to apply to keep your hair safe. PRO TIP: A good stylist will also advise you when NOT to have chemical applications. They will look out for the health of your hair!

Aside from being better for your hair, partial highlights tend to take less time at the salon and are usually less of an investment than full highlights.

Baby Lights

Baby lights are applied in a manner to create a very natural look. The goal is to look like the color exists on its own without stylist intervention. It is often meant to look like blonde hair you may see on young children that have never had chemical treatments. The challenge is obvious! How does a hair stylist bring about a look that is normally only seen in virgin hair? The short answer is experience.

One big benefit of baby lights is in the maintenance. Baby lights have the least amount involved among these three because the application is so subtle as your natural hair color begins to take back over, it will be much more gradual than full or partial highlights.

Regardless which type of highlights you go with, the results should give you a renewed energy that only a trip to the salon can provide. Don’t forget that aside from highlights, you may also decide to try lowlights to bring out dimension and further change up your look. The options are limitless!

Trust a Professional Experienced in Highlights!

Natasha Reid is a former educator and platform artist with years of experience perfecting highlights. The right stylist needs to have thousands of applications under their belt to ensure you get the look you are going for. Applying color is more than just technical ability. It is also about vision. How much to apply and where to apply it…that is what separates Natasha from the competition! Schedule an appointment today and let’s get started!