While the “peak season” for bridal hair is in the spring and summer, now is the time to book your time with your chosen Boise bridal hair stylist. Why so early? Same as with anything in the wedding world, bridal hair stylists book quickly and will have limited time available the longer you wait. Here are a few reasons to book your bridal hair appointment now!

The Bridal Calendar Fills Up Quickly!

If you are currently planning your wedding, think about how many time-sensitive vendors you are working with right now. Finding the right venue is one thing. Finding the right venue that has availability on your date is another! What about your caterer? Your wedding photographer? All these people are extremely busy during the standard “wedding season” and their schedules fill up quickly. The same is true of your hair stylists. If you want the best bridal hair stylist in Boise, you will need to schedule as quickly as possible to ensure you get the dates you want.

There are Usually Multiple Appointments Included

Often you will see bridal appointments with multiple visits to the salon. You will likely have an initial consultation appointment where your stylist goes through some ideas with you followed by one or more “trial runs” to see how you like the look in real-life versus a photograph. And of course, you will have the wedding day appointment where you and your wedding party will sit for your final styling prior to the ceremony. There is much more involved to a wedding hair appointment than a standard salon visit. It will be important to keep the time considerations at the forefront of your mind while booking all these service providers.

Supply vs Demand

While there are many, many, hair stylists in the Boise area, far fewer specialize in bridal updos and hair styles. This means you have a limited supply to choose from. If you consider all that goes into your wedding day, putting off finding the perfect bridal hair stylist could put the entire day in jeopardy. We wear our hair like a crown and when we feel good about our hair, it shows! The same goes for when we know we do not look our best.

Schedule a Consultation with Boise’s Best Bridal Hair Stylist

Natasha Reid is master stylist, former educator, and well-known platform artist now working in the Boise area. She has had worked featured in several publications including Riviera Magazine, 944 Magazine, Virtuogenix Magazine, Ellements Magazine and San Diego Home and Garden Magazine. Click here to schedule an appointment with Natasha!